The Benefits of Dog Training Early

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Dog training is more than just teaching him basic commands so he will behave when other people are around. The benefits of dog training go far beyond basic obedience; by training him you can stop him from chewing without even addressing the issue.

So here are a few reasons why dog training can improve you dogs overall obedience and well-being.
1. It gives him quality 1-on-1 time with you, which is what he looks forward to most.
2. It gives him and you an alternate form of attention.
3. It is rewarding for both of you; you will be impressed and he will be happy to please you.
4. It stimulates his brain, which gives him more to think about for longer periods of time, even if he is only sitting. He may not be thinking consciously, but his brain will be working over time to sort the new information he is given. If he is busy thinking he will no longer: •Dig Holes as a way of entertaining himself.
• Chew your shoes and clothes as a way of trying to stimulate his brain himself.
• Bark uncontrollably because he is bored.
• Pull washing off the line as a way of playing with himself.
• Rip up the furniture and drag it around the house.
• Chase people, cars or animals on the other side of the fence.

5. Your dog will like and respect you more.
6. He will listen to you more if you keep up the training and will eagerly wait for you to give him a command.
7. He will be happier, calmer, more contented and less likely to run wild.
8. He will be more relaxed when visitors arrive.
9. He will be less dependant on you all day, because he will have more to think about and relax for longer periods of time.
10. It will create a closer bond between the two of you, and training is alot of fun!

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