How to choose the right dog products

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Choosing a good dog toy:

Dogs love toys. They love chewing, and tugging, and fetching, and getting alot of attention from their owners. But when you don’t have the time to spend with you dog, they will need something to keep them occupied.

  • In my opinion all dogs should have toys. It stimulates their brains because they have something to play with.

    If your dog is creative like my dog Sasha, then she will quickly learn to keep herself occupied by creating her own game.

    The kind of toy you get must suit your dog. If she is a small breed you will need a toy she can easily hold onto, whereas large breeds need toys that are strong enough to cope with large jaws.

    Most dogs love squeaky toys! When we got Chloe her first squeaky toy it took her a while to work out what was making that noise every time she chewed it. It was funny to watch, but she soon worked it out and enjoyed running around chewing it.

    But if you can’t stand noise, then you shouldn’t buy your dog a squeaky toy, because she is bound to squeak it. In stead, maybe get a really chewy and bouncy toy.

    A kong is also a good toy, because you can put some food in there for your dog to try and get out! It will keep her amused for hours. One suggestion is putting a small amount of spreadable cheese or a type of peanut paste just inside the hole for your dog to lick off

    Choosing the right dog house

We all need a home, and dogs are no different. Dog houses come in all shapes and sizes from the basic cardboard box to an elaborate kennel fit for a King (well a dog King, anyway).Some dogs will  be wary of a new home at first, so you may have to offer her food or a treat initially to encourage her to venture inside for a look, but once she is comfortable to it, you’ll probably find that she will spend a lot of time resting and relaxing in her new accommodation

  • She may be even more comfortable if you were to put her favourite toy, or a blanket in there for her.
  • Your dog will find refuge in her home when she feels like being alone, gets scared by something, or simply wants to go to sleep. Dog houses are a great investment if you want peace of mind knowing that when she is inside, she is safe, and she is happy.

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