Helpful Tips For Adopting a Dog

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There are millions of dogs that need loving homes and nowhere near as many homes that need or want a loving dog. There’s not exactly a waiting list. Anybody and everybody can adopt a dog, whether they’re able or willing to care for the dog or not.

Perfectly good, intelligent, wonderful dogs are dumped every day. If that weren’t true, there’d be no need for dog catchers or county dog pounds. Those of us who love dogs want to see every dog in the world living in homes with people that love them and that they love. It’s an impossible dream, of course, but dog lovers are nothing if not optimistic.

It needs to be emphasized and emphasized again that adopting a dog is a commitment — a long-term commitment. Big dogs live 10 or 12 years. Little dogs can live 15 or 20 years or even longer. And over that period of time, dogs must be fed every single day. They must have access to fresh, clean drinking water all the time. They must be vaccinated.

Dogs do get sick. They get injured, they require medical care by a veterinarian whose services aren’t free and dogs aren’t covered under company health plans.Dogs must be walked or be provided a living space that allows them to get plenty of exercise, too.

In exchange for this care, a dog will provide you with unconditional love — the real deal. He’ll be a faithful companion all of his life. But I must emphasize again — when you adopt a dog, you are making a long-term commitment. It’s a commitment worth making, but you need to make certain that you’re really ready to make it!

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