Learn how to leash train puppys


When is the right moment for you to start leash training puppies? There is no right and wrong timing for you, but the sooner you leash training puppies the sooner you will be able to control your puppy’s behavior especially when you want to bring him for a walk outside. Keep in mind that training a puppy on leash might not be very easy, but with patience you can definitely achieve the best results. Also, remember that puppies may usually feel afraid of new things including a new leash, so you must be very patient.

When leash training puppies, what is the best leash to purchase? When leash training puppies, a good choice is a collar that is lightweight and does not choke your pet. Make sure that you buy a collar that allows you to insert your puppy’s ID tag along. When putting the collar on for the first time, your puppy might not be happy with it at all. Therefore, don’t put it on too tightly so that he can move around comfortably. Anyway, this is the right way of putting on a collar – you don’t want your puppy to be chocked! Your puppy might try a lot of things like rolling over and shaking his head so that the collar comes off. Don’t discourage him by laughing or scolding – slowly your puppy will get accustomed to it and he will be fine.

When leash training puppies, don’t forget to reward your pet when he is no longer trying to shake off his collar. Give him a treat and after that you can try attaching the leash. Leave him with the leash so that he can get accustomed to the feeling of having a leash attached to his collar. Don’t do this too long – five or ten minutes is enough and you can take off the leash. Treat him again to show that he is doing the right thing.