Tips For Handling Barking Problems

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Bark! Bark! Bark! It goes on for hours. How do dogs do that? It doesn’t sound like they ever take a breath, but they keep on going. Barking is natural for dogs. They don’t have to learn to bark, they come into this world knowing how to bark all night long.You and your barking dogs are at odds. He wants to bark, and you want him to stop. So, how do you go about convincing a dog that doing what comes naturally for him isn’t acceptable behavior for you?

Reasons Why Your Dog May Bark:

    • Warning You of Danger or Strangers – Most dogs will naturally bark if a stranger comes to the door or walks past your house. Anything that they sense to be a threat to them or you they will bark at because they are trying to warn you. Usually if your dog barks for this reason the tome of his bark will be alot stronger and serious.
    • Attention Seeking – Sometimes your dog will bark to get your attention, they are really trying to say ‘Hey! Look at me!’. They may also whine and make similar, nagging sounds.
    • Boredom – If your dog hasn’t received attention of any kind during the day he may bark as a way to entertain himself. This bark can be quite annoying but also sound kind of sad.
    • Playful – When you are playing with your dog, or if he is playing with other dogs he may bark because he gets carried away. When dogs are having fun some can be quite vocal as a way of expressing their excitement.
    • Fear or Anxiety – If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety if you where to leave him alone for long periods of time, or fear in a thunderstorm, he is likely to bark. This bark is usually high-pitched and whiny. He is once again expressing how he is feeling.
    • Answering To Other Dogs – If your dog hears another dog bark he is likely to respond to him by barking back. This may also start other dogs barking in the street. It’s kind of like a group of dogs having a conversation.

    If you listen carefully to the tone of your dogs bark you can learn to identify the reasons he barks. Then you can start working to solve this problem.

    Tips For Solving Barking Problems

    • Warning Bark – If you hear this kind of bark, it pays to go and see what your dog is barking at. Although if he barks at everybody who walks down the street, not only at strangers you can stop this behaviour by saying a strong ‘No,’ or ‘No Barking!’ when he barks at anyone you don’t want him to. You may need to distract him from barking by calling him, or giving him a command.
    • Attention Seeking Bark – Whenever your dog makes this kind of bark you must ignore him until he stops. If you pat or play with him he will soon learn that all he has to do is make some noise and you will give him what he wants. Instead, when he is not making any noise, give him your attention, pat him, take him for a walk, tell him what a ‘Good Boy,’ he is. If he is happy, then he will have no reason to call for your attention.
    • Boredom – This kind of bark can be stopped by saying a firm ‘No,’ or ‘No Barking!’ and them play or pat him when he is being quiet. He doesn’t understand how busy you may be; he just thinks that you don’t want to spend time with him. So it is very important to find time at least once everyday to give your dog your attention, even for just a moment.
    • Playful Bark – Sometimes your dog can’t help letting out a bark or two when playing. It is natural for him to make noise, so as long as he isn’t constantly barking, this bark is acceptable (you can’t expect him to be silent all day!) But if he is barking too much whilst playing, just use the simple ‘No,’ or ‘No Barking!’ and if he continues to bark, stand really still with your arms folded and don’t look at him until he is quiet, then continue playing with him.
    • Anxiety Bark – If he is scared in a thunderstorm or similar the worst thing you can do is pat him and tell it it’s ‘OK’. This is telling him that it is ok to behave like this, so he will always whine or bark when there is a storm because he thinks that is what you want him to do. Instead, make him feel secure either on his bed or in his kennel and then walk away. It may sound harsh, but it is actual better to do this than sit and comfort him. If you are going to be away from home for a whole day or longer you should give him plenty of toys to play with, a bone or Kong toy with food inside to entertain himself.
    • Answering Other Dogs – If you find he is answering other dogs calls, you can use the firm ‘No Barking!’ and distracting him everytime he does this.

    I hope these tips help you with any barking problems you may have, but just keep in mind the fact that it is okay for your dog to bark once in a while. It is only really a problem if he is barking uncontrollably, or in the middle of the night.

    The biggest tip I can give you to handle barking problems is to stimulate his brain by teaching him tricks. Dog training is benefitial in many of ways; not just as a way of controlling him.

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