Tips For Taking Care of Your Canine Companion

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It is important that your dog is happy. If you have a happy dog you can be happy too. But to have a happy dog he needs to be taken care of well. Though taking care of him won’t be easy all of the time it is worth it in the end.

  • All dogs need to be brushed, bathed, taken for walks or have a ball thrown for them, fed, have water supplied for them, and the list goes on. So I have compiled a list of tips to help you and your dog have more fun while you do them.

    1. Try to get your dog into a routine. Feed him at a particular time, play or go for a walk at another time and so on.
    2. Never try to brush your dog around play or walk time. This will confuse your dog who will be expecting to go for a walk or play, and it will make it harder for your to try to control him. This can put stess on you and your dog. Try to make brushing times fun for your dog aswell. Speak in a happy tone to your dog whilst you brush him, and tell him he’s a ‘Good Boy’ if he cooperates with you. You could even give him a small treat when your finished.
    3. Give your dog a place to sleep where he feels comfortable. There is no use putting his bed somewhere he won’t sleep. Either a bed or a dog house, he will love it if he loves the spot it’s in. Most dogs just like having a place to go and rest, that they know is theirs.
    4. If you live in a cold region in winter, provide your dog with a coat so that he can be warm if he’s living outside. Or give him a blanket for his bed that he can sleep under at night. He will feel more comfortable and at home just by doing this for him.
    5. You need to make time everyday to give your dog exercise. Whether you take him for
      a walk or throw a ball for him, you must do it everyday. Or in summer if it’s hot enough you could take him to go swimming in a dam, or the beach, or a creek near your house. He can feel refreshed afterwards, and swimming gives dogs more exercise than running or walking.
    6. It is very important to teach your dog the Basic Training. If your dog doesn’t know how to sit or lay down, he may become a nuisance and bad behaved. Or if he doesn’t know how to wait or come, he may get injured by going where he shouldn’t when outdoors. If he knows the commands ‘Wait’ and ‘Come’ you will be able to keep him under your control by using these commands.
    7. Don’t wait too long between bathing your dog. Depending on the size of your dog and how dirty he gets depends on how long you wait to bath him. All dogs should be brushed at least once a month, even if they live oinside for most of their lives, then they will be clean when inside your home. Also if he lives inside he needs to be brushed very often (2-6 times a week) preferably outside so that he doesn’t lose hair all over the carpet.
    8. Remember to worm him regularly.
    9. Correct bad behaviour especially in puppies fast, by a simple ‘No’ in a stern voice and take the object away that he may be chewing, or take him away from the hole you don’t want him to be digging, and so on. Then you may need to distract him with a toy or play with him yourself so that he doesn’t go back to what he was doing. Never use physical punishment.
    10. Watch your dog’s weight and if you think he is getting over or under weight, either feed him more or less until he is in a good weight range.
    11. Your dog needs plenty toys to keep him occupied if he is on his own for long periods of time. If you have another dog for him to play with this is good, but he still needs toys for him and his companion to play with. When you are at home it is important to give him at least half an hour a day with you for attention. If you have more than one dog, they all need to be given equal attention, because otherwise one dog may get jealous and become nasty to another, or resort to bad behavoiour. Remember, your dog is ment to be your best friend, and you his. He will want to be with you more than anyone else, and you need to give him the attention he deserves.
    12. For more fun with your dog, consider training him some entertaining Party Tricks. These simple tricks can entertain guests, or just give your dog some extra things to stimulate his brain.

    This may seem like a lot, but your dog will love you for doing these things for and with him. These tips will help you and your dog have a happier and more stress free life together.

    All the best,

    Rachel and the Dogs

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